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Sometimes the things don't went as we expected and we have lots of doubts, we are here to help you. We have available the following Help Resources

Tutorials and Videos
Tutorial 1 - Flash All Phat Liteon Drives with Scorpion Ver 1.2 PDF Document (English)
Ver 1.1 PDF Document (Portuguese)
Video Part1(English), Video Part2 (English)
Video Part1 (Español) , Video Part2 (Español) ,
Tutorial 2 - Flash All Samsung Drives Ver 1.0 PDF Document (English)
Ver 1.0 PDF Document (Español)
Tutorial 3 - Updating Lizard Firmware Video (English), Video (Español)
Quick Guide (PDF)
Tutorial 4 - Flashing All Phat Hitachi Drives Video English, Video (Español)
Flashing Hitachi Phat Drives Guide (PDF) (Thanks squallen, vgcrepairs)
Tutorial 5 - Flashing All Benq Drives Ver 1.0 PDF Document (English)
Tutorial 6 - Unlocking Slim Liteon Drives (NEW) Unlocking Drives with Macronix SPI (Using Trident) (Vendor ID: C2) (Thanks squallen, vgcrepairs)
Unlocking Drives with Winbond SPI (Vendor ID: EF) (Thanks squallen, vgcrepairs)
Misc Tutorials

Unbrick / Recover a bad flash on Benq (Video in English)
Unlock / Unbrick BENQ Drives Using Scorpion (PDF)
(Thanks squallen, vgcrepairs)
Unbrick / Recover a bad flash on SLIM LITEON (jpg)

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