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More than a year of research and development was poured into Maximus Lizard and today this bad ass lizard has seen the light and come packed with really cool technology. The Dream of every DVD Firmware Tester has come true. And Do you Know What That Means?

No more:
Sata Drivers
Win64 Problems
PC Hanging
PC Forced Reboot
Multiple Computers to cover all drives

Its time to start in the Lizard Way. Your PC fades into the dark as you enjoy freedom like never before! Lizard equals FREEDOM. With Lizard, you are investing in a professional TOOL that will not be limited to a few quantity of drives. Also there is NO RESTRICTION on the kind of file you can open, read or write.

At Maximus, we take engineering seriously. You can trust that Maximus Lizard rely on a deep research and lots of time prototyping. and will offer you RELIABLE FREEDOM LIKE YOU'VE NEVER HAD BEFORE !!

LIZARD FEATURES ARE TRUE FEATURES! With Maximus Lizard, you won't have another tool in the background doing the real flashing work, this is because the Lizard features are built right into the hardware device itself.

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  • Q. - Does the Lizard require a 9V battery to run as shown on the video?
    A.- No, that was just a proof of concept to show the lizard is a true hardware doing the job and not a fancy screen device
  • Q. -What if the battery dies while doing a drive firmware flash?
    A.- At launch you will not be running from a battery, you will have good options to power lizard and the most natural is from the USB Port. There are plans for a battery add-on later in 2011.
  • Q. - Does the Lizard will save me to do cuts on 83V2 and 93 liteon drives?
    A.- YES !!!you will require an external accesory not included in standard kit to do that. Contact your reseller.
  • Q. - Will the lizard help me to hack the 0225 Slim Drives?
    A.- Absolutelly but there are issues with that drive, it is hardware locked and the most realistic scenario is that a hardware accesory (cannot anticipate on this topic) will be required in order to make the drive writteable, but so far you can take the keys of the 0225 drives without problem with lizard.
  • Q. - Why Lizard looks more costly than any other product shown on the scene?
    A. - If you look in detail you will note Lizard is superior product, it does not play on same league as competitors, it is the result of lots of costly research and lots of prototyping, we have walked the long route, so we think the price of lizard is fair for what you will get.
  • Q. -What if appear a new drive on the field (like the new hitachis) is lizard being obsolete?
    A.- No, not at all, lizard is ready for future, the full firmware can be reprogrammed so new features can be added very easily via Firmware Update, also it comes with good set of expansion ports.
  • Q. -Does the Lizard replace totally the need of a PC?
    A.-This is a question hard to answer, its better to think on lizard as an extension of it, something similar to those smartphones, it can do good stuff but you never could say you will not need a PC anymore.